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19May 2014
We are a “Closed Cattery’” this means we do not allow visitors to our cattery. Since the Persian cat is such a gentle  breed and there is so much interest in the breed, we constantly get calls asking to come and see our Persians.  We no longer allow this and I have listed some of the reasons below.
  1. We allowed visitors in the beginning. People bring their dogs and fleas, etc. We DO NOT have fleas here. All of my cats are on preventative medications.
  2. Many people can carry diseases in on their clothes and shoes. I do not want take chances to put my newborn kittens who have not mature immunity at risk. We take very good care of the kittens and put their health at the top of our priority list.
We post many pictures and information online for you to see without having to possibly infect our cattery.  Your veterinarian will appreciate the fact we are a closed cattery too. It makes for a much healthier kitten.
All our Persian Kittens comes with Shots, vet exams, blood workup and health certificate from the UF veterinarian.  Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We are always available.